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Why you should choose iCustom

 We know what our customers need

We have been in this business since whenever we can remember and have learned quite a lot from our customers, their needs and the direction we are heading in terms of repairs, customers expectations and how convenience is more in demand than ever. Essentially every need no matter which type of customer you are, we can fulfill it. As a customer who is in the business of having their smartphone or tablet repaired, it can be quite a confusing and difficult task to figure out the quality of repair you need or get since their is quite a lot of different kind of qualities available of the parts and in many cases the different repairs service shops lack the transparency in their repairs and prices they offer where they don’t always inform or provide the customer with the right quality or price that the customer expects. This has been a huge problem in the industry during the past several years and not much has been changed or done by most of the service providers in order to help the customer be more informed about what they get and what they pay for which in turn had lead to a lot of mistrust in the industry.

We have acknowledged this issue and turned the problem around where we instead are giving our customers ALL possible choices at the lowest cost and let them choice how they want to handle their repair the best possible way. Whether you are a student or someone who does not want to spend money on higher quality or OEM parts or repairs, you now have a choice. We will explain you the differences, pros and cons about what the different qualities offer together with our experienced advice but ultimately you as a customer decide what you want. We offer ALL the best available parts in the different qualities available and even offer those who have the skills and ability to repair their own devices the parts and tools to repair their devices themselves!

In short we offer a range of services and solutions that are specialized for many different kinds of customer types. Whether you are a single consumer or a small to larger company, we can find the best solution that fits your needs perfectly.

 Benefit from our experience

With over 10 years of experience with just smartphone repairs alone, we have quite a lot of experience with repairs and device protection. We can offer our customers ESD-proof servicing, experienced technicians together with our advice on device protection in order to minimize the risks of having your device being damaged or broken again. There is actually a huge difference in the quality of protective products as there are in the repairs and parts themselves. As an example in many cases of screen protectors there are actually many different kind of aspects to consider and many screen protectors only offer minimal protection and in some cases with cheaper glass protectors you could actually be better off, because the tendencies are that a screen protector gives the user a false sense of confidence, where they feel their device is now fully protected and tend to be more careless with the device. This can in turn be very damaging and expensive if you are not using the correct and best possible protection.

To show that we are very serious about protection, we actually offer free screen protection together with most of our OEM repairs and for businesses and larger companies we can also offer “preventive” solutions where we focus as much on protecting your employees devices as we focus on getting them quickly and affordably repaired again.

Today we are dependent of our smartphones and devices. This is especially the case for businesses where the hours and cost that are related to a broken device or essentially a non-effective employee are often much higher, than the cost of a repair alone. We have acknowledged this and have come up with some extensive and smart solutions that have benefitted a lot of different businesses and saved a lot of headaches, frustrations and on the bottom line, cost for the business.

We have had great feedback from our business customers using this approach where they see that we actually take care of them and go beyond just repairing their devices.







 Small but powerfull

Although we are a small company we have always put our customers first and dedicate all our knowledge equally to all of our customers. We want to offer every single customer the best experience and solution possible every time. Wether you are a small client or a larger company with multiple devices to take care of we have the right solution for. We have plenty of experience with both smaller walk-in customers where we offer repair services typically within 30-60 min on 90% of our repairs but also for smaller to larger businesses where we have developed specialized business models that considers all your needs of having your devices and most importantly your employees up and running instead of spending time and frustrations over broken or damaged devices.

Most of our customers are also business customers who are on the road a lot and don’t want to spend time on walking around shopping malls, city shops and use their time on finding a parking spot. We have therefore chosen a very strategic location right on Vejlevej, the busiest road in Kolding just a couple of minutes from the highway or city. Perfect for people who are on the road a lot or business with employees that they don’t want to waste time when having their device repaired. You can simply stop by, get your device repaired and be on your way again.

For businesses we can also offer even more convenience if needed and repair devices at your location or office. For most common repairs this can be done quite effectively and quickly. Contact us to learn more if you are interested.

 Passionate about our work

Our company started from an interest in technology and repairability. We have always been passionate about our work and aimed for finding solutions that are more effective and beneficial for our customers than profitable for us. We are loyal and honest towards our customers and in some cases this means when even a customer walks in with a device that we could fix but know that the customers would be likely to experience more problems or faults with their device in the near future, we explain them the situation and advice them the probability of new problems could occur and the likely higher total cost of the repairs instead of just repairing their device and let them walk out the door. Unfortunately we are beginning to see more and more of these situations from our competitors who choose profit over people.

Because smartphones are getting more durable in their designs they tend to last longer. We are starting to see more and more problems not with damaged parts like LCD screens etc. but problems related to the device’s logic board. Typically these errors are more difficult, time consuming and therefore more costly to fix. In many cases this will in turn end up costing the customer close to what a new device would cost. We are here to not let that happen to our customers and can guarantee you we will provide you with the best possible solution that is most beneficial for you.

We are so confident in our work that we offer lifetime warranties on all of our OEM repairs, where we can assure you the best possible quality and service that gives you peace of mind in your daily life.

*Free protectors are only included for certain OEM repairs.